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The Iprologic TRACKER is a state-of-the-art, algorithm base artificial intelligence program that allows the end-user to have consistent and profitable sessions playing roulette.

The application is also MOBILE FRIENDLY and accessible on any device.

There will be a very high stick rate or hit rate playing roulette in an RNG mode or at a LAND BASED casino using this amazing and highly accurate interface and program.

The profits generated playing roulette using this will depend on the level of DISCIPLINE,  proper BANKROLL, MONEY MANAGEMENT, and lack of greed.

If used in conjunction with our Ipro Calculator, the user should generate thousands per month very easily with minimal investment and maximum profitability.



March 22nd, 2021.


Michael Baer

2:16 PM (5 minutes ago)

to me

Hi Penni, truly amazing this far. I played twice yesterday, winning 3rd spin and then 1st spin +$54 in less than 10 minutes total play. I played three times today. I hit 1st spin all three times. Hit my target for today. My casino balance is $523 so I am comfortable playing at $1 level. Truly amazing, will keep you posted. Total play time today I would say 10 minutes or less, $54, not bad. The hard part is not going back on. I am listening to you and not getting greedy. I play, win, logout and come back later. I would have stopped at $41 total win for the day, but hitting 3x on first spin brought me to $54, which I like even better. I will keep you posted.  Mike