Profit on every investment made and never lose another wager or investment regardless of the event outcome.How would like to win every sport bet you make from American football to tennis?

FROM BASEBALL, BASKETBALL, BOXING, CRICKET, CASINO GAMES, DOG RACING, HORSE RACING, HOCKEY, SOCCER, TENNIS, NASCAR, AND EVEN BINARY OPTIONS. WITHIN NORTH AMERICA OR WORLDWIDE EITHER ONLINE ON AT A LAND BASED VENUE. The results will be the same. the control is in your hands. Take gambling away from your losing routine and turn investments into your daily, weekly, monthly, yearly successful returns.

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• I Pro Logic is a state of the art interactive odds base algorithm driven calculator.
• It was created to turn every wager or investment based on any given odds into a winning outcome regardless of the outcome of the event invested upon.
• Based on the fixed TARGET PROFIT per investment and the odds set by the user, the program will determine what the correct investment is required to generate the profit desired.

• The initial bankroll which set by the end user will obviously be a major factor to sustain any losing investment, HOWEVER, once there is a winning investment, all previous losses incurred will not only be recovered, but the target set for those investments will also be added on to produce a positive return on investment.
• Let’s say you set a target profit of $20 per investment and you lost your first 4 investments if you hit your 5th investment, you not only recover all of your previous losses but will receive a profit of $20 on top of that times 5, as you have had 5 investments. whatever your desired profit per invest is, will be what your return will always be. so having 4 losses and winning your 5th, will make all 5 wagers automatically become 5 winning investments.
• This program is one of a kind and truly an amazing means to generate hundreds, thousands and millions in revenue profits over any period of time and any odds based wagering platform.

Many high rollers in las vegas, FOR EXAMPLE, have raked in hundreds of thousands in one night using our program, it never loses algorithms virtually guarantees this.even the small or average user is still clearing hundreds and thousands per day or week and month with its proper and very simple easy to use format.creating a system which makes it impossible for you to never lose any of your investments ever again – because even if you lose a wager or number of investments in a row, the program is always thinking for you, its algorithms are set to precisely and methodically calculate every one of your losses or profits turning them back into winning outcomes or keeping you in profit and increasing every single time, no matter what the outcome. This I pro logic system completely eliminates luck and chance and puts the mathematical probability at your fingertips by doing all the thinking and calculating for you. All you need to do is input the target your bankroll, the target profit you want and the odds and let technology give you consistent and longterm profits on your investments.
take a quick look at our demonstration video to see just how easy it is to make whatever profits you desire at any venue offering odds based wagering or investments
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